Young Farmers of the Americas Conference

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National gathering of young farmers

As a result of the meeting, the common problems of young farmers in Peru, as well as the causes of these and possible solutions, will be identified, and a register of young farmers committed to the development of sustainable food systems will be created. collaborative projects between young farmers and allied organizations.


Today, in our country, only one in ten farmers is young. For this reason, the concern and the need arise to raise awareness about the importance of forming a generation of young farmers, indispensable for the future of our agriculture, our food security, our biodiversity and even our gastronomy. Read more

Sisay: young farmers and cooks reflect on food security

Paloma found in Lima another link in this chain: Karla Gabaldoni and Antonieta Manrique, coordinators of Slow Food Peru. Integrating a delegation of small organic producers traveled to Terra Madre, an assembly that every two years brings together thousands of peasants, fishermen and cattlemen of the world who share the same look. There, in 2016, Paloma realized something: all the participating countries had in common that they do not have many young farmers. Read more.


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