Quechua for – “Wake up”

Rikchari is dedicated to the revitalization of indigenous identity, knowledge and practices. By reconnecting urban Quechua community members with their cultural traditions through: ritual, ceremony, stories, cosmology, language, and healing techniques. Youth are addressing topics such as: self-esteem, community building, healing, conflict prevention, intergenerational relationships and cultural survival. As a result, Quechua youth become active community members with emphasis on unification and empowerment to themselves and those around them. Participants will become the face of a new generation that stewards their land and community to sustain indigenous culture through the modern era.


A select group of youth will be mentored under respected elders and healers from within and outside of the community. Elders will share and pass on their knowledge of traditional medicines, songs, stories, ceremonies, rituals, and language.

Courses will be geared in a manner to tie-in tradition with contemporary culture, such as: urban art and music. Each week will build upon each other and will culminate the one-year process with a vision quest.


For the longest time, Huancayo has always been a central point for trading. Groups from different parts of Tawantinsuyo (name of the Andean region before it was broken down to different countries and named Peru) would bring their goods to exchange with one another.

Trade is still relevant, however is being impacted by an influx of shopping malls and large corporations. The culture of Huancayo is suffering… language, clothing, spiritual practices, medicines, family dynamics, and relationships are becoming forgotten.

Rikchari is aimed at the youth of Peru to revitalize and pass on that culture.


  • Revitalize ancestral roots by reconnecting youth with cultural tradition
  • Create proactive community members
  • Strengthen personal and interpersonal relationships


Timeline: Early May. Meetings will be held two-three time a week for twelve months.
Location: Huancayo, Peru