About Us


Quechua for – “My roots”



Saphichay re-awakens indigenous identity, knowledge, and traditional practice in indigenous youth in order to build resilient communities.


Saphichay is a charitable organization founded and organized by indigenous identified peoples located in the central Andes in Peru. Saphichay supports indigenous rights and cultural survival. Our projects and collaborations preserve and revitalize ancient/ traditional wisdom to ensure their continuance for future generations. Indigenous wisdom and its traditions continue to be threatened, a key focus of our work is in supporting rural and urban indigenous communities/peoples. Our commitment to these communities are manifested through projects that involve – food sovereignty, bio-cultural conservation, bio-diversity management, reclaiming and reconnecting to our indigenous identity, language, wisdom and practices.


Saphichay was born out of a traditional four day ceremony where one frees oneself of all distractions – people, work, food and water and focuses on prayer. Shortly after coming out of this ceremony Saphichay was born and thus the beginning – ceremony and traditional practices has continued to guide us. Our connection to our traditional ceremonies and ways are our roots and is fundamental to healthy growth as an organization which is why we chose the Quechua word Saphichay as our name – “My roots”.


Our values are founded on communication and commitment to honor, protect, restore and revitalize traditional knowledge and practices.