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Young Farmers of the America

Cultivating the Next Generation of Food Systems Leaders

Youth are our future. They incite action when they raise their voices, participate in decision-making and lead the way toward their desired futures. Yet too often, decisions are made on their behalf with no consultation.
In particular, youth must lead and collaborate in building just and sustainable food systems. They will be the guardians of traditional foodways, seeds, water and land. However, the agroecological knowledge of indigenous peoples and farming communities is at risk. Displaced by industrial agriculture, land grabs, and unfair markets, rural youth do not see a future in farming. They migrate to urban centers where they confront poverty and discrimination.
Saphichay along with our partners Community Agroecology Network and Slow Food propose the bringing together of rural and urban young farmers from the Americas to share their stories and key challenges and from that develop solution based strategies that help with re-connecting youth to their traditional foodways and to demand access to land as well as create plans for alternative income sources to sustain them as farmers in order to build local, thriving food systems. Our younger farmers are the future of healthy food, clean water, fertile soils and traditional seeds is in their hands.


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